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Vendor Application

Thank you for your interest in vending at an OneDrumm event. Currently, we have no outside events for vending.  If you would like to be notified of future vending opportunities, please submit the form below.

Tell us about your business
What type of vendor?
I am an indigenous vendor

Thank you! 


Vendor set-up time: We ask vendors to arrive 2 hours prior to the event and be set up 30 minutes before opening ceremony.


Disclaimer: We do not allow the selling of sage, cedar, sweetgrass, copal, tobacco, or pipes at any of our events. We also uphold a no drugs or alcohol policy for all vendors.  

About our events: Our festivals celebrate the "The First People" who called this land home. We remember the adversity they endured, and honor their place in and contributions to the shared story of Turtle Island (Now America). We come in a spirit of unity and love offering a unique place where all can gather as one family and foster feelings of goodwill and unity.   We promote our events on multiple platforms with average foot traffic of 300-500 (+).

Retail Vendors:  We have 20 10x10 booth spaces available at the cost of $100 with an additional request for a donation for our gift raffle. 

Food Vendors:  We have 3 10x10 food vendor spaces available at the cost of $150. Each vendor will need to obtain a food service permit at their own expense, from the City or the County.  Upon payment, each can submit an email containing a copy of the required permits. 

Vendor Insurance: OneDrumm will cover the cost of vendor insurance.

Payment deadline:  Varies for each event.

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