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Our Way



Our circles began simply in our homes, sharing a meal, laughing, talking about life, and sitting in ceremony to support each other's journey. There was a need to be accepted just as you are and held in the spirit of nonjudgment, and the more we gathered, the better we felt.  — Founders, Sewa Valencia & Ginger Grant


What we do?

Let us start by saying, we are not women pow-wow drummers. We are everyday women, gathering around the "big drum" to sing prayers and heal our hearts.  We hold the station of pow-wow drumming in high esteem and deeply honor the sacred medicine they represent in our indigenous community. 

What we are, is a teaching and learning community offering circles, workshops, and ceremonies inspired by indigenous culture.  From many tribes, and all walks of life we gather around the "Big Drum to pray as one people and remember the universal heartbeat that connects us all. . Grandmothers, mothers, daughters, granddaughters, relatives, and friends heal together as one, sharing stories around the fire where trust is restored and new levels of growth and personal transformation are experienced. We are here to start a revolution of healing and raise the banner of love, unity, acceptance, equality, worthiness, and the nobility of all women. 

Our Medicine

My mom and I attended your very special circle (it was on Saturday, May 7 at Mindful Lotus in Lake Elsinore) and it was an experience I can never really describe. Mom prayed for a cure to her cancer. She had her surgery last Tuesday and she is up and around and we both know the prayers of healing and light and spirits celebrating with all of us that night helped her come through surgery better than anyone could have expected. She is 93 years young and has no intention of slowing down. Bless you all. You ladies are beautiful beautiful women!!!! 

— Lori Ann Clough

Our Medicine

Medicine Songs

Listen and learn social

medicine songs.

Workshops & Courses

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Tools to assist in your

everyday journey.

& Festivals

Empowerment and celebration of our indigenous heritage. 

Our Communit

Our work is currently centered in California using women's circles, public circles, and healing workshops to collaborate with various indigenous groups and associations, allowing their communities to receive the medicine of the drum. Our long-term vision is to create a retreat center where indigenous traditions can be honored, learned, and shared with our current and new generations. We strive to create a community of understanding, departing from the shaming environment that has become the norm due to the tragedy of the Indian schools. We believe when our community rebounds from addiction and ongoing abuse, everything will transform. We focus on overall health through reconnection to nature, healthy eating, emotional wellness, and healing ancestral trauma. As our social media community grows, we see the foundations for joy and many new opportunities.

Our Community

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