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SATURDAY |  9:30 AM - 10 PM


  • We welcome you: Welcome time with music, snacks, and connection.

  • Laughter therapy: Remember how to play and let go.

  • Sacred Sequoia: Remembering the voice of our ancestors

  • Break: Share a meal and rest

  • 4-directions breath, sound, and movement: Here we remember the 4-directions within us and in the world around us and learn to anchor to the power of their synergy.

  • Break: Shared meal

  • Fire circle with ceremonial drum: Time for our stories, our truth, and our collective healing, rising above the smoke with a renewed sense of direction and connection, followed by an ancestral trauma healing ceremony.




  • Dawn reflection: Gaining perspective at dawn is the way of greeting our Creator as we wake to receive the dawning light into our hearts.  Here we will revisit the world of the sun and reflect on its healing powers within us and the symbols it holds.

  • Break: Share a meal

  • Medicine craft making: Here we connect with the ceremony of making medicine in the form of rattles and filling them with sacred power drawn from mother earth.  These will be to anchor you in ceremony and bring you back home when needed.

  • Being: Reflect, journal, be in nature, have a snack

  • Sweat lodge, rest, and a shared meal: Here you will enter the womb of mother earth and reconnect to your truth through visions.  Here Creator will speak into your heart in many ways and you will reawaken a new level of connection to your life.

  • Closing Ceremony: Here you will reconnect to mother earth through the drum on the heels of your fire journey in the lodge. No one will emerge as the same person. All will feel the power and receive what is needed for their individual journey.

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